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Commercial Property Management
Provided by Commercial Real Estate Alaska Services, Inc.


Commercial real estate is our focus at Commercial Real Estate Alaska Services, Inc. We have been involved in every facet of this investment segment over the past 25 years and use our experience to deliver consistent results.

When it comes to management of a commercial real estate asset, we don’t just collect rent and pay bills, we:

  • improve performance
  • increase cash flow
  • decrease tenant turnover
  • negotiate effectively
  • apply resources efficiently
  • provide insightful guidance to owners
  • pay close attention to the details
  • are proactive and respectful in tenant communications.

At Commercial Real Estate Alaska Services, Inc., we manage every property as if it were our own.




"Where a nickel per square foot to the bottom line can equate to
hundreds of thousands of dollars in value, that's what we do."





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